We have a problem

We don’t know how to talk to each other anymore.

This is the age of angry protests. This is the time when screaming has replaced discussion. This is the era of the unbridled emotion, not the era of carefully reasoned persuasion.

Too many of us have lost the art of dialogue.

This is a problem for the political left, and it is a problem for the political right. It is a problem for men and women. This problem crosses religious lines, philosophical lines, ideological lines, racial lines; it crosses just about every demographic trait you can think of.

I cannot solve this problem by myself. Neither can you. But the problem will begin to solve itself as more and more people say, “this has gone on long enough.” When we respond to the problem, and begin to treat each other differently; with respect and honour. When you are ready to be part of the solution, join us by taking the pledge.

If you would like to better understand the problem, keep reading.

More info

Heterodox Academy is a group of academics that has raised awareness about various related issues including the problem of our inability to discuss these issues with civility. Here are some of their articles.

Free Speech is the Most Effective Antidote to Hate Speech

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How Making Colleges ‘Safe Spaces’ Makes Us All Less Safe

Victimhood culture explains what is happening at Emory

The 2016 American presidential election revealed the deep rifts that exist in the public square. Here are some sample stories highlighting the breakdown of reasoned discussion.

Anti-Trump protest turns to riot as thousands across United States vent anger over election results

Trump backers brazenly bandy sexist anti-Clinton vitriol

Canadian politics (my home) is not immune either. Read some of the stories below.

Alberta MLA Sandra Jansen latest in long string of female politicians to face abuse

Colby Cosh: After the ‘lock her up’ fiasco, it seems Canada is fresh out of grown ups

Michael Den Tandt: Youngest MPP gets rude introduction to new face of ‘tolerance’ in liberal Ontario

Do you agree that this is enough? Is it time for change? Change begins with you. Take the pledge and join us in raising the standards of public discourse.