Join the movement

Let people know that you are UNoffended. Include a small mention of your position on this as part of the tagline in your emails. I am working on designing a nice logo; post it on your social media. Then people will know that they can talk about these issues with you without any risk of you biting their head off.

Change can happen if people live up to a higher standard, and make it known to others that they are doing so. Don’t be subtle!

Order stuff

I’ll have handy stuff to order so you can let others feel at ease when having conversations with you.

(keychains, caps, magnet cards, etc)

Any “profit” I get after covering my expenses will be donated to charity. I’m not in this to get rich, and I’ll keep the costs as low as I reasonably can.

Contact Me

I’m just a random, concerned guy. If you have ideas, suggestions, or some encouragement, drop me a line.